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Following the #ShowYourStripes trend on social media, we have made available the “warming stripes” graphs for each Brazilian state here, as produced and created by Prof. Ed Hawkins, from the Department of Meteorology of the University of Reading, UK. These graphs, as well as graphs for most of countries are available via

These graphs intend to highlight how temperatures change across Brazil since 1901 until the end of 2019, and to raise awareness to the increase of temperature over the years, and they clearly show that. For each state, the average temperature in 1971-2000 is set as the boundary between blue and red colours, and the colour scale varies from +/- 2.6 standard deviations of the annual average temperatures between 1901-2000. Data were provided by Berkeley Earth.

All graphs are free to use. We just ask that you acknowledge the producers by using the hashtag #ShowYourStripes. And if you downloaded these files from this website, also use the hashtag #KlimapolisLab






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