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AGU abstract submissions

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has opened abstract submissions to its Fall Meeting 2019, in San Francisco, CA, on 09-13 December 2019. Below is a non-exhaustive list of sessions that are related to Klimapolis.

Abstract submission deadline: 31 July 2019

Atmospheric Sciences

A021 - Aerosol-radiation-cloud-precipitation interactions: Linking regional air pollution and climate change

A026 - Atmospheric Ice Nucleating Particles and Their Impacts On Cloud Microphysics: Laboratory, Field and Modeling Studies

A071 - Fluxes of Greenhouse Gases and Related Pollutants on Urban Scales

A076 - High Impact Event Prediction on Subseasonal to Interannual Timescales

A081 - Insights into cloud and precipitation processes: Validating retrieval products and climate models with in-situ observations and remote sensing

A083 - Interdisciplinary Sustainable Solutions for Urban Areas

A103 - Observations and Predictability of the Atmosphere over Complex Terrain

A120 - Subseasonal to Seasonal Forecasts for User Applications: Charting the Route Toward Subseasonal Climate Services

A136 - Urban Climate Informatics -- from sourcing to (deep) learning


B130 - Water and Society: Adapting institutions to address future water resource challenges


ED016 - Climate Literacy: Informal education, youth initiatives, community impact work, and reaching broad audiences

Earth and Planetary Surface Processes

EP008 - Cities and rivers – hydro-geomorphology and ecology

EP038 - Signatures of Climate on Earth's Surface

Global Environmental change

GC014 - Climate Science in the Age of Deep Learning and Machine Learning

GC019 - Complexity of Urban Geosciences: from Big Data to Dynamics

GC021 - Connecting cause and effect in data-driven analyses of coupled human and geophysical systems

GC022 - Correlated Climate Extremes: Drivers, Mechanisms, and Risks

GC058 - Multi-scale Water-Energy-Food Nexus under the Environmental, Socio-Economic and Climate Changes

GC064 - Observed and Projected Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources, Agriculture, and Health

GC090 - Urban Areas and Global Change

GC091 - Urbanization, Climate Change, and the Environment


GH008 - Living Laboratory Experiments for Innovations to Improve Human Health Outcomes in Warming and Growing Cities

GH010 - Extreme Heat: Vulnerability and Risk assessment, Exposure quantification, and Policy implications regarding the adverse effect of extreme heat on health, economy, and natural resources

GH015 - Impact of atmospheric transformation and ageing on the toxicity of anthropogenic and biogenic aerosols

GH017 - Integrating Human Response into Air Pollution Studies


H009 - Advances in integrated data collection, analyses and flood modeling of complex urban systems

H020 - Advancing River Thermal Research and Modelling

H024 - Agrohydrology in a Changing World: From Global Processes to Local Outcomes

H041 - Data in the Food-Energy-Water Nexus

H081 - Hydrology, Society, and Environmental Change: Convergent Approaches to Human–Water Interactions

H083 - Water & Society: Dynamics and sustainability of multiscalar human-water systems

H102 - Nonstationary Impacts on Urban Watersheds

H121 - Science to Action: Broadening Hydrology Research Impacts through Engagement

H137 - Urban Ecohydrology: New Concepts, Observations, and Models

H142 - Water and Society: Adaptive Short-Term Management of Coupled Human-Natural Systems Confronting Long-Term Global Change

H144 - Water and Society: Communication, Decision Support and Stakeholder Engagement to improve Policy and Management in an Uncertain World

H145 - Water and Society: Enhancing and Communicating Hydroclimatic Forecasts for Water Resources Decision-making

H146 - Water and Society: Water Resources Management and Policy in a Changing World

H147 - Water and Society: Water, Energy and the City

H150 - Water, Energy, and Society in Urban Systems

Natural Hazards

NH015 - Using Earth Observations and Imagery Analysis For Risk and Resilience Assessment, Risk Communication, and Response and Recovery Monitoring

NH016 - Emergings Needs and Approaches for Climate Services: Understanding and Developing innovative approaches to user oriented climate services

NH035 - Risk management of natural hazards for resilient and sustainable city development

NH044 - Urban Geohazards Assessment and Mitigation Integrated Approach for Resilient and Sustainable Cities

Public Affairs

PA010 - Climate Coasts: Extreme Events, Sea Level Rise and Dynamic Coastal Risk Management

PA063 - Urban Sustainability at Multiple Scales: Convergence toward What?

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