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Join us at the virtual “São Paulo 2020 Meeting”

The São Paulo Meeting is the international event of the Postgraduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism at São Judas Tadeu University that has been taking place since 2014. This year the event celebrates 5 years that a group of researchers and students from the University of Texas (Austin), from HafenCity Univeristy (Hamburg), the University of São Paulo (São Carlos) and the University São Judas disembarked at Itaim Paulista to learn about the challenges and potential for transformation of this location in the periphery São Paulo city. The Lab Itaim Paulista started like this, and in 2018 it joined the Klimapolis Laboratory, a research network between Brazilian and German institutions whose objective is to contribute to making metropolitan areas in Brazil more sustainable and resilient. The São Paulo Meeting 2020 is a co-production between the São Judas Tadeu University and the Klimapolis Laboratory with the collaboration of the Municipal Secretariat for Urban Development and the Subprefecture of Itaim Paulista. The idea of ​​this meeting is to build a plural agenda to think about the challenges of urban management and local urban development. This agenda will allow the co-producers of the event to act as partners of the public authorities to achieve the objectives of socially fair and environmentally sustainable urban development. The event takes place on September 25 and is organized in an opening session, two conversation circles and two discussion sessions. The first session is an institutional opening and the presentation of Lab Itaim Paulista. The first roundtable session aims to discuss the role of the university in the urban environmental agenda of the city of São Paulo. And the second roundtable aims to discuss different practices of urban transformation. The whole program, list of speakers and details on how to join can be found at

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