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Klimapolis 2nd phase kick-off (virtual) meeting

The Klimapolis Laboratory will have the first workshop of the second phase on 27-29 October, from 10-12:30hs (GMT-3). You can follow the live stream via our YouTube channel, and join the conversation via Twitter using #KlimapolisLab During these three days, Klimapolis partners from Brazil and Germany will be taking stock of the activities that are taking place and being developed, but also plan activities and research projects for the next years. Two round tables will take place. On the first day, we’ll have a round table on “Environmental and climate science to policy in NEB cities” (in Portuguese), with participation of representatives from the Secretaria Estadual de Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade de Pernambuco (SEMAS), Fundação Cearense de Meteorologia e Recursos Hídricos (Funceme), Superintendência de Administração do Meio Ambiente do Estado da Paraíba (SUDEMA) and Instituto de Desenvolvimento Sustentável e Meio Ambiente do Rio Grande do Norte (IDEMA). On the second day, the round table will discuss “Funding interdisciplinary research and perspectives for international cooperation”, with participation from of representatives the Belmont Forum, CAPES, and German Embassy in Brazil. This discussion will be extremely useful for partners to plan new research based on the landscape and perspective given by the funding agencies. Click here to see the event and the agenda.

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