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Klimapolis reaching out for cities in the Northeast of Brazil

Klimapolis is already ramping up preparations for its second phase, which will include metropolitan areas in the Northeast of Brazil. In order to involve new partners and understand some environmental issues in the region, a workshop was organised by Judith Hoelzemann (Klimapolis member) at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) on the 18th March. What was initially to be a small meeting became a much larger event with around 30 participants from universities, research institutes, and municipal and state government representatives. The very strong interest in the project shows that partners in the region are willing to support and work with other Klimapolis partners to seek solutions for some climate change and environmental impacts in metropolitan areas in the region. Discussions covered topics from measuring and modelling air pollution in Natal and Bahia to coastal erosion possibly due to to sea level rise. There was also good discussion with government representatives where they informed about their responsibilities and issues they face related to impacts like extreme events. It was also important to understand about climate vulnerabilities in the region and development of public policy to mitigate those vulnerabilities and risks.

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