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Launch of the Klimapolis Laboratory

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Join us for the tomorrow, Friday 24th May, at 13:30hs (Brazil time), for the launch of the Klimapolis Laboratory. It will be an exciting programme with inaugural lectures and round tables. The whole event will be web streamed via Youtube and Facebook.

the event will be held in the Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences of the University of São Paulo (IAG-USP)

Questions can be sent via our Twitter account: @Klimapolis_


13:30 – Klimapolis Laboratory Inaugural Lectures - Prof. Dr. Paulo Artaxo (IF-USP, Brazil): Urban impacts on global climate: the local, regional and global aspects of climate change - Dr. Cathrin Zengerling (HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany): Science for accountable urban governance 14:30 – Round Table: Climate, environment and cities Mediator: Dr. Patricia Pinho (UNDP)


Prof. Dr. Paulo Artaxo (IF-USP, Brazil) Dr. Cathrin Zengerling (HafenCity Univeristy Hamburg, Germany) Prof. Dr. Anita Engels (University of Hamburg, Germany) Prof. Dr. Fatima Andrade (IAG-USP, Brazil) 15:30 – Coffee break 16:00 – Round Table – A colaboração entre o poder publico e as univerisdades nas tomadas de decisão Mediadora: Profa. Dra. Ana Paula Koury Sra. Ana Maria Gambier (Secretaria Municipal de Desenvolvimento Urbano) Sr. Gilmar Souza Santos (Subprefeitura Itaim Paulista) Profa. Dra. Denise Campos (Reitora Universidade São Judas) (TBC) Prof. Dr. Pedro Jacobi (IEE-USP) 17:00 – Launch of the Klimapolis Laboratory Prof. Dr. Guy Brasseur (MPI-M, Germany) (remote participation) Prof. Dr. Pedro Dias (IAG-USP, Brazil) Prof. Dr. Anita Engels (University of Hamburg, Germany) Prof. Dr. Tercio Ambrizzi (IAG-USP, Brazil)

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