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Partnership with local government is growing

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Our partnership with Subprefeitura Itaim Paulista in São Paulo is growing! The LAB Itaim Paulista now has a space inside the Subprefeitura main building, facilitating the way that students and researchers from the institutions linked to the LAB conduct their work and deliver results of their studies.

This space for the LAB Itaim Paulista became a reality with the leadership of Dr. Ana Paula Koury from Universidade São Judas, a Klimapolis Laboratory partner. The LAB Itaim Paulista will also welcome researchers from other Klimapolis Laboratory partners, from both German and Brazilian institutions.

Also, a big thank you to subprefeito Gilmar Souza Santos, who has supported and facilitated our work in Itaim Paulista since the beginning. This partnership shows how important is the dialogue between researchers and the public sector, working together with the common goal to make cities more resilient to impacts related to climate change.

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