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Second Klimapolis Workshop

Klimapolis partners attended the project’s second workshop, on 20-21 December 2018. The event, hosted by the Climate Services Center Germany (GERICS), received a delegation of Brazilian partners from the University of São Paulo, São Judas Tadeu University, Federal University of São Paulo, and Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. This workshop focused on climate services and how Klimapolis can help in developing the necessary tools in order to provide the necessary services in metropolitan areas of Brazil. Participants also had a good discussion and agreed the way forward to the project which will develop a transdisciplinary research program that, through sustained dialogues with different stakeholders, environmental literacy and social learning, will contribute to the development of environmentally resilient cities in Brazil. This will be done by setting up a joint German-Brazilian laboratory, with a special focus on the relation between climate, water and air pollution and societal actors, which will co-design with city officials and other urban actors approaches towards the development of sustained cities and improved governance structures. Discussions are taking place with the University of São Paulo to host the joint laboratory. Presentations can be found on the meeting webpage -

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