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Crosscutting Research Themes

Integrative crosscutting themes include research that contribute both to fundamental scientific understanding and to more informed decision making. There are important synergies among the nine themes identified by the Klimapolis Laboratory partners, and they are not completely independent. For instance, research on climate impacts or air pollution control will clearly contribute to better understanding of both urban planning and stakeholder engagement. Therefore, all the research to be done under all nine themes will benefit from increased dialogue with decision makers across a wide range of sectors and scales.

Research to improve understanding of climate impacts in urban areas

1. Climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability
2. Urban climate
3. Flooding, water shortage and other extreme events

Research to advance understanding of environmental interactions with on society

4. Air pollution control and source attribution
5. Urban Health
6. Regional urban footprint

Research to improve urban design and stakeholder engagement

7. Urban planning and design from city to neighbourhood scales
8. Social learning
9. Governance including regulations, procedures, accountability

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