Laboratory Structure

The Klimapolis Laboratory will be hosted by IAG/USP for 5 years, while the Project Office still remains at the MPI-M. The organizational structure of the Klimapolis Laboratory comprises of 2 Co-Directors (one from Germany and one from Brazil) and a Management Committee, comprised by the two Co-Directors plus 6 members (3 from Germany and 3 from Brazil).

The Management Committee will be the supervisory body ensuring a successful execution of the Klimapolis Laboratory, and will provide overall oversight for the activities of the laboratory. In particular, it will be the responsibility of the MC:

  1. to discuss and make decisions regarding activities of the Laboratory;

  2. to monitor the implementation of the activities of the Laboratory road map and to ensure that all the activities are fully integrated and contribute to the objectives set out in the road map;

  3. to assist with the communication of the Laboratory outcomes as widely as possible;

  4. to recommend resolutions for any disputes between partners;

  5. to ensure the proper operation of the agreement that creates the Klimapolis Laboratory, including with regard to financial management;

  6. to deliver the objectives, deliverables and milestones of the Klimapolis Laboratory;at works well on almost every site.

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